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Please note Tejas dance presents SHIVALAYA & KALPANA occurred in past.


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Tejas dance presents SHIVALAYA & KALPANA

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Tejas dance presents SHIVALAYA & KALPANA by Tejas Dance in Lewisville

Event Type: Entertainment Event

Admission : $25-$50

Tejas dance presents SHIVALAYA & KALPANA

Tejas dance presents world-renowned Odissi dancer, Bijayini Satpathy, in KALPANA - The world of imagination' and SHIVALAYA' by Artistic directors of Tejas Dance. This event is scheduled on August 17th 2019 at Medical Center of Lewisville Grand Theater at 5pm.
It is our mission to popularize Bharatanatyam by offering traditional Bharatanatyam performances in contemporary themes that audience across cultures can enjoy, relate and appreciate. In our effort to further stimulate interest and awareness, we are thrilled to bring yet another age-old dance form from the state of Orissa in India - Odissi. It is our desire to share the rich traditional art forms of India and deliver them in today's context in this evening of Classical performances, showcasing two productions in two different classical art forms.
Bijayini Satpathy, in the US premiere of KALPANA weaves together narrative and non-narrative imagery in an evening of Odissi. Building into a cathartic crescendo where the actor and character, emotion and experience, subject and object dissolve. Becoming one and the same in a palpable space beyond the self.
SHIVALAYA - Bhuvana Venkatraman & Chintan Patel explore the Ancient temple architecture through the spiritual journey of a Bhakta (devotee) through the Shiva temples of south India. During this journey of self-discovery, we draw parallels between the temple architecture, traditional Bharatanatyam Margam and the physical and spiritual Chakras of the body. This is a journey towards inner realization, beyond the physical world and its differences.


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Event Information: Tejas dance presents SHIVALAYA & KALPANA by Tejas Dance

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Tejas dance presents SHIVALAYA & KALPANA Occured in past

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