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The Law of Cause and Effect: Understanding Karma

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People often believe that their experiences and what they gain or lose in life are random and meaningless. However, our experiences and what we gain or lose are actually the results of our past actions. As the saying goes, "Good deeds are rewarded, and bad deeds receive retribution."

Doing good deeds and being virtuous bring blessings, while bad deeds generate negative karma. A person's life path is shaped by his or her own actions. This is the universal law of cause and effect, or karma, which dictates the course of one's life.

When people perform good deeds and unselfish acts of kindness, they are rewarded with blessings from Heaven. This can manifest as a good life with fewer troubles, increased wealth, or a position of high rank. Conversely, wrongdoings, committing sins, harming others, or taking what belongs to others will lead to a life filled with hardships, unhappiness, and illnesses.

Human beings have the unique opportunity to perform good deeds, accumulate virtue, and eliminate karma through enduring hardships and pain. Only humans possess the higher consciousness necessary for spiritual growth and self-improvement.

When faced with difficulties or conflicts, one can look inward to eliminate negativity and purify oneself. Hardships provide an opportunity to cleanse oneself of past sins. By enduring suffering and eliminating karma, a person can build virtue, pursue spiritual growth, and cultivate good qualities such as compassion, forgiveness, and tolerance.

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